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Image by Jorge Zapata

Thoughtful food since 2009.

Dandelion Catering Company officially launched in 2009 in Portland, Maine when lifelong Maine residents Christine and Christian Hayes decided to chase a dream that led them both out of their restaurant and foodservice careers and into the world of catering.


Their ultimate goal was to not only produce restaurant quality, freshly prepared food in an industry that was far too dependent on frozen and pre-made ingredients, but also to create a company steeped in their principles. Quality cuisine that is prepared with the best ingredients.

Years later, the humble beginnings of a bootstrapped small business, built on the foundation of a tireless work ethic and an iron-clad commitment to service and quality, has evolved into one of the most talented and respected catering companies in the region.


In the end, they have created a company that reflects very much how they live their lives. Simple, approachable, and humble, yet very unique. No smoke and mirrors, just a pure passion for cooking, food, community, family and service.


Christine + Christian

"I grew up a vanilla girl, and my mother always provided a warm meal for her family, just not a very flavorful one. 

Then, when I was 17, I got a job at the Portland Green Grocer and my view of food changed forever.  I was exposed to some of the most beautiful produce I had ever seen. Cooking became a new adventure, one that my mother and I took together, and one that I will never forget.

From culinary school to catering companies I got my first insights into the exciting and chaotic beauty of the industry.  I had the pleasure of working at Mim's and Natasha’s where I worked myself up to the position of Sous Chef. I’ve also had the amazing joy of working for Five Fifty-Five and Standard Baking Company. Dandelion is my ultimate adventure…. "  - Christine Hayes

"My great grandmother used to fry dough for me and put her homemade strawberry rhubarb jam on it. That was almost four decades ago and I can still smell and taste it like it was yesterday. I can only hope that some day I can have that effect on someone. That's the real stuff and stands the test of time, the fleeting trends, and any pretentious dish ever made."  -Christian Hayes

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