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Pig Roast

Low + Slow

Our roasting trailer slow cooks fresh whole pigs, allowing smoke to fill the whole cavity and under the skin as the fat renders down, flavoring the meat unlike any other method.


Whether it's a backyard party or an elegant wedding, we guarantee your guests will thoroughly enjoy every aspect of our pig roast operation, from the aromas of apple wood and charcoal to the primal and festive carving, and the end result of tender and moist roast pork.


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The fresh whole hog is submerged in a brine for 24 hours. We consider this a crucial step when roasting  a whole animal, as it ensures a moister and more tender final product.

After the brine, the pig is dried and the inside is scored. We then add our house dry rub to the cavity, making sure to get every score cut and nook within the cavity.

Next, we carefully sew the cavity shut from the head to the hams, which allows for retention of smoke, fat and flavor.


Close to 24 hours prior to serving dinner, we unload and set up our roasting site on location. The pig rests for an hour or so, and we begin lighting our coals. 


We never use starter fluid. We ignite our coals with two powerful flame throwers, allowing for timely ignition, and avoiding any flavoring that comes from using starter fluids of gas.


Our charcoal is a premium sugar maple hardwood lump charcoal:

Wood-grilled flavor of Northern Hardwood Maple logs - the way nature intended.
 *   Made from trees (trunks & limbs) which do not meet lumber specifications.
 *   No trees are expressly cut for our charcoal.
 *   Faster lighting & higher heat; burns cleaner & longer than briquettes.
 *   No starch or petroleum tasted.
 *   Caramelizing natural sugars & protein for fullest flavor.
 *   Trees are harvested only as part of a Government Reforestation Program.


Throughout the roasting process, we add fragrant apple wood logs to the pit, adding another depth to the smoke flavoring.


We roast 'Low and Slow'. Typically from 18-24 hours long, at a low temperature. Our pitmaster tends the roaster and fire throughout this entire time, working tirelessly to maintain a constant temperature. There are many factors that play against this method, such as humidity, rain, moisture and wind, but our pitmasters are well experienced in working the flames, dampers, logs and charcoal to maintain a proper temperature throughout the night. This process is an arduous one, but one we believe produces a much superior product over roasters who simply set a temperature that is controlled by gas.


When the pig is done, we display it, carve it, and serve with our house sauce.

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